The rigger (LeaxerRose) has the right to refuse any project; whether it be due to complexity, or because the level of quality a client wants cannot be met for any number of circumstances.Possible reasons for rejection:
- NFT/AI project
- Quality of PSD is unable to meet the quality, in terms of rigging, of what the client wants
- The rigger is incapable of delivering what the client wants.
- Client will credit @LeaxerRose on all appropriate platforms as the rigger (any understandable variations are permitted).- The .cmo3 (source) file will not be shared or given out to the client, unless it is deemed necessary, or has been agreed to prior completion of model.- All models include commercial costs, and shall not be requested for any additional fees pertaining to that.- Any WIPs sent during the progress are susceptible to change - in moderation - whether that be by the client's request or personal changes. Any major changes, or changes requested after a WIP had been agreed upon, will require an additional fee, and is dependent on the change complexity.- Minor adjustments can be applied to PSDs, but anything too major, ie; requires redrawing, must be requested from the original artist.- No deadlines will be applied, and no deadlines will be accepted - this pertains to rush orders, as rush orders will not be accepted.- Model progress and existence can be kept a secret, in agreement with the client, if requested.- If the model is to be ever be resold, the rigger (LeaxerRose) must be notified of this transaction.- Refunds will be able to be issued before the model progress has reached the 50% completion stage (In most circumstances this means the head, face, and hair are done).

Commission information


ChibiHalf bodyfull body
Price600+ $1000+ $1500+ $

Price is based on the simplest possible model and will increase with complexity


on/off toggleanimated toggleitem toggleanimation toggleVBridger
Price0$20-50$50 - 150$7$ per second of animation400+ $

Simple on/off - a layer that will simply appear and disappear when toggled
Animated toggle - the toggled layer will have some form of animation applied to it
Item - an item or prop that the model is holding or can toggle on
Animation toggle - a animation the model would preform
VBridger - full face vbridger enhancement


slight silhouette changelarge silhouette change
Price150+ $250+ $

slight silhouette change - the outfit silhouette is very similar to the already rigged model
large silhouette change - the outfit changes the silhouette of the existing model significantly
[ for example a leotard and bikini would be a slight change while leotard and gothic dress would be a large change ]

partnered artist information

rigging of models from partnered artists will be discounted by 15%